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Circuit court-l'aghjalle-restaurant-chambred'hote-ilerousse-santa-reparata-cuisine-corse


If you are staying at the bed and breakfasts or going  just dine at the restaurant  the Aghjalle, you can meet donkeys, horses or cows if they are not yet in the mountains. Discover the farm's garden. Because the agricultural farm is the primary vocation of the Aghjalle. A daily job  for traditional Corsican breeding  respecting the rhythm of nature.

Circuit-court: Bienvenue
Circuit court-l'aghjalle-restaurant-chambred'hote-ilerousse-santa-reparata-cuisine-corse


Our menus are elaborated with seasonal products and in short circuit.

Thanks to the sale from the producer to the consumer, we are working to strengthen the local economic fabric and reduce CO2 emissions related to the transport of products.

Taste healthy and natural foods, and support local producers.

Circuit-court: Notre ferme


Healthy products straight from the farm  are to be discovered now  on the operation.

All our products are made with care. Come see us and taste our specialties!

Circuit-court: Produits
Our engagements

Anchored in the island landscape, the Aghjalle* farm is part of the ABEP association. Which is the pledge for our animals to be born, raised in Balagne and slaughtered in Ponte-Leccia. The ABEP brings together breeders who practice extensive traditional breeding. We care about the environment and the well-being of our animals. The meat you are going to taste is the reflection of traditional know-how.

*We only serve meat from our farm in our restaurant. 

Circuit court-l'aghjalle-restaurant-chambred'hote-ilerousse-santa-reparata-cuisine-corse-abep
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